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Poem: Take My Hand

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Take My Hand
by Tha*Angel*~* Taryn
Pathetic is my life
as I sit alone and cry
I ask myself how could this happen,
why'd you have to die?
I lay around the house
and pray you'll come back to me
long hours spent just thinking
of what used to be.
I just can't accept
the fact that you're gone.
I stare out the window thinking
from dusk till dawn.
Memories fill the house
thoughts of you in my head
"I bet they'll never go away"
I think to myself in bed.
I remember all the good days
and also a few of the bad.
I never knew how good a life
the both of us once had.
So as I start to fade away
to a far place beyond this land,
I pray to God before the night
that He will take my hand.

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