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Poem: The Wind

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The Wind
by David Keith Jennings
I'll not forget the way she looked 
when she said our last goodbye
she swore undying love for me 
but her heart was full of lies
her love has flowed away from me 
just like the shifting tide
the pain instilled inside my heart, 
it tears me up inside

poised high, alone upon the bridge, 
the reaper's blade I've faced
I raise my head to a misty sky, 
your breath is all I taste 
I see your eyes in the water below 
reflecting the stars up high 
the moon shines on in sorrow 
and the wind is but a sigh

the rain, combining with my tears, 
saturates my eyes
the thunder's roar, the lightning forks, 
they rake across the skies   
horizon's burning far away, 
or is it just my soul?
it's time for me to end it now, 
I've heard my death-bell toll

I clutch the rail, it's icy cold, 
my heart, it pounds with fear
prepared I am to jump or fall 
(just like I did for you, my dear)
the wind it whispers through my hair 
just like your sweet caress
I release the rail and let the wind 
take me to the abyss

the wind is coming faster now, 
it takes away my breath
faithful I stayed to my words, 
I loved you 'till my death
free I am now from this place, 
it doesn't mean the end
feel my hand upon your face, 
I live on in the wind...

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