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Poem: Untitled

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by Julie Kackie
Sometimes it's just so hard to see 
That you won my heart, then set it free
Everything in this life I've done for you alone
Valued my life to you, because I thought you might hold on
Every breath that I take, I take another for you
Not thinking twice about what it is I do

Please understand why I take another
How I'd like to be with you to explain it further
It's so easy to see why I do this for thee
Loving you most, for you're so precious to me
Losing your love breaks my heart in two
I feel so lost, so helpless, so blue,
I have painted my soul to live within

Can't you just hold me until the end?
Unknowing the feelings that are buried inside
Loving you more that not one could define
Value your love I will in my heart
Everlasting love even when we're apart
Remember me once, remember me twice, remember you loved me...
         just as much!

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