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Poem: Untitled

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by Trisha
Go ahead, look at me
try to talk to me.

See, what you have lost, forever.
Feel the pain, you made me feel.
Try to make all the wounds heal.
You will never feel the same again.

Instead, you’ll only wish 
and wonder and even hope, 
that things could be different.
Don’t waste your time, 
like you made me waste mine.

And know, you’ll never get over the pain 
and know, it is all your fault.
You will have to live with what you have done.
There is nothing I can do now, 
I have grown and changed.

Oh course, I still love you, 
I always will, but the difference is.... 
No, the problem is you waited to long.

I've learned to deal with the pain.
And forgive you for 
all the tears you made me shed.

I know you're hurting, and I’m sorry.
I know I can’t feel the tears 
that are rolling down your face, 
and I can’t wipe them away.
I know your heart is broken, 
...but it will mend.

I know your soul aches... 
because mine did, too.
I know life goes on... 
because mine finally did.
And I know I am your first love 
and that, even if life goes on, 
there will always be a void 
and a piece of you missing.

And I know this, because I felt it, too
and will continue to feel it, forever.

Does it get easier?
Not really, it just becomes normal.
The pain will become a part of your life.

And when things are going well 
and you have finally learned to love another, 
you’ll occasionally remember me.
When you close your eyes, 
you’ll see me staring at you.
And when you fall asleep, 
my face will be an occurring dream.

When you see me, you’ll feel weak.
When we stare into each other’s eyes, 
we’ll remember.
And with every touch, 
you’ll lose a piece of you to me.
And when I walk away, 
I’ll give you my soul.

Because forever, I’ll own your heart 
and I only know this because... 
forever, you’ll own mine.

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