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Poem: A Flower in the Snow

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A Flower in the Snow
by John Seabrook
I saw a flower, out in the snow,
From whence did it come; why does it grow,
It's color so bright, it's petals so grand,
What does it mean, wish I could understand,
Not one other living thing around it, as it grows on the hill,
I sit huddled and watching it, as the wind blows still,
Admiring its beauty, as it stands alone in a sea of white,
Wish I could stay longer, but it's turning night,
Do I dare to pluck it, or just leave it alone,
I left and returned in the morning, but the flower was gone,
Not even a footprint left, where I'd viewed it there,
I stood looking without expression, just a blank stare,
At where it stood so serenely, showing the beauty I saw,
This perfect flower, without a single flaw,
No snow had fallen, but somehow in the night,
This flower from heaven, had taken flight,
I cherish the vision, that's imprinted in my mind,
And hope for the day, another flower I'll find,
Growing all alone on some hill in the snow,
Where I know it's impossible for such a flower to grow,
For this time I'd dig it, give it my love and care,
And forever have the flower, for my life to share.


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