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Poem: Missin' You

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Missin' You
by Cheryl Ellison
It's so strange.
The day I feared finally came.
I'm missin' YOU in every way.
I'm missin' your hugs.
I'm missin' YOU; feel like I'm bugged!
I'm missin' your lips.
I'm missin' your kiss.
That is the one thing I miss most on my list.
I'm missin' your smile; something I haven't seen in a while.
I'm missin' you. 
Are you feelin' the same?
I'm missin' you, in my dreams, I'm callin' your name.
I'm missin' you, wish I could reach out and touch you.
I'm missin' you, thinkin' 'bout the things you do.
I'm missin' you, tryin' to keep myself occupied.
I'm missin' you, feelin' broke down inside.
I'm missin' you so.
I'm missin' your presence; I feel so all alone.
I'm missin' the affirmation you gave so freely.
I'm missin' you feelin' so needy.
I'm missin' the times we've shared.
I'll never forget how you showed me you cared.

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