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Poem: Darkness

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by Amy Young
Through the darkness
I can feel your heart
Beating rhythmically,
 calming me....
 settling my fears.
I beg you hold me forever
But I know, 
 when light breaks, 
Again, you will be gone, 
 and I 
 will be alone.
I panic at the uncertainty of your return, 
 the inconsistency of being allowed
 to stare in your eyes 
 and search your soul.
How unjust the process of our ironic relationship.
How cruel the way it possesses me.
So weak, 
 I depend on you, 
 on us, 
 on the little we sometimes have.
And I desperately hope to break away, 
 but, at this point, 
That is an unfathomable goal.
My soul is attached to yours, 
 and my heart is trapped.
My desperate attempts to be strong only create rivers of tears
 which cause me, 
 to fall into the darkness.

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