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Poem: Best Friends

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Best Friends
by A. Clare F.
I can tell you everything, there's nothing to hide,
You were there to listen, even when I cried.
You never care what people think,
We work out everything, even the little kinks.

I never get to say what I feel,
I never wanted to make a big deal.
The time has come, I think you should know,
You mean so much to me, though it may not show.

This is all so hard for me to say,
But I couldn't do it in any other way.
You've gained my respect and my trust,
You know without saying, for who I lust.

You're the best guy that I've ever met,
For our friendship, I'll forever be in debt.
I think so highly of you I just thought you should know,
I'm here for you, forever, even when you're feeling low.

If something should happen, to me or you,
I think that it's time you knew.
You're on top of my list in everything,
You don't understand the joy you bring.

To my heart and life and all I do,
I just wanted to say that... "I LOVE YOU!"

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