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Poem: Can't You See?

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Can't You See?
by Brooke Michelle Moore
I am hurting, can't you see; 
all these tears I shed.
Drowning in my misery, 
mentally abused by what you said.

I am trying, can't you see? 
But, yes, I must confess.
I brought it all upon myself 
to make my life a mess.

I am yearning, can't you see,
for your attention day and night.
I am not a bit happy 
because you do not treat me right.

I am you DAUGHTER... can't you see? 
Not your dog, not your wife.
Why can't you let the past just be, 
for we only have one life?

You sent me away- can't you see? 
For what have I done- so wrong.
I thought our love was strong.

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