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Poem: In My Dreams

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In My Dreams
by Fama S Fresnosa
In my dreams there lies no vision, 
but the site of your sweet face. 
In my dreams is where you hold me close, 
as you wrap your arms around me. 

In my dreams it's the only place 
I can see you look me straight in the eye. 
In my dreams your lips touch 
mine under the moon. 

In my dreams my only world is you. 
In my dreams I'm never far from you. 
In my dreams I'm safe with you around. 

In my dreams is where I found 
my head, my heart, my soul and body 
with just you I am longing for. 

In my dreams is where I found 
peace, happiness and love, 
for my world revolves around you. 

In my dreams there's no one else but you. 
In my dreams all of these come true. 
So, I'll see you in my dreams tonight.

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