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Poem: Let Me Back In

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Let Me Back In
by Brandon Scott Mayo
You say you love me, but you won't let me back in;
A new life together is what we could begin.
I want to be your one and only;
So never again will you have to be lonely.

I'll stay true to you, till the very end;
Any heartaches you have, I'll gladly mend.
I only ask you to love me, too;
And anything you ask, I'll gladly do.

You're the one for me, forever and ever;
I want to be there through every endeavor.
Open your heart, let us share life together;
Betray and hurt you...? I shall never!!

I promise you these things- you again turn away;
If I don't try now, I fear I shall pay.
You might find someone else to take my place;
I would go crazy, if that'd be the case.

I want the chance, to love you once more;
I know I'll love you even more than before.
I'm more mature, I know what I want;
Imagine my life without you- I cannot.

But if you don't let me back in;
A new start we can never begin.
You wouldn't be my one and only;
I'd be forever... sad and lonely.

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