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Poem: Why Did U Ask Me Out?

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Why Did U Ask Me Out?
by Melissa J. Carney
Why did you ask me out?
When I asked you out you said no.
Why did you never have time for me?
Why did you lead me on?
When I asked you if you cared, you said, "of course I do."
I loved you so much.
Why did you leave me?
I need you more than ever,
My life is falling apart.
What did I do wrong? 
I loved you more than anything.
You said you didn't have time for a girlfriend...
But I found out about Sam.
Sam was one of my best friends,
She knew I loved you.
Why did she steal you from me? 
I warned you about her,
I told you she would hurt you.
You just thought I was trying to cause trouble
After she left you said it was my fault,
But it wasn't. 
Its yours!
Why didn't you liten?
She's that type of person who lies and cheats.
I'm sorry she hurt you but you deserved it
I still love you and I always will.
I have one quetion though, 
Why did you ask me out if you were going to leave?

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