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Poem: should i or not?

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should i or not?
by michelle Dobbs
i sit here all alone 
   my heart hurts
i feel the pain in my wrist
   i try to not cry 
yet my tears won't end
   i feel numb from head to toe
i wonder... should go though with it
   or should i wait for another day
i sit here as she screams at me
   my mind melts, her voice echoes 
    through my body
like a glass i am shattering slowly
   with no power to pick myself up
in my heart i can feel the fire burning 
   finding my last layer i need help,
yet, i don't know where to go
  don't know who to talk to 
   don't know who to trust
i need to find a cure for my craziness
yet, i first need to find myself.

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