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Poem: In The Ways Of Love

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In The Ways Of Love
by Jackie L Kautz
We jumped too fast instead 
of taking it slow
Our thoughts run wild
with things to know

Why is it so hard to face what is true?
Many things unknown between me and you
With pasts untold
any harm can be done

Either hearts will be broken
or love will be won.
I guess it's true of what they say
love takes time... day by day.

Yet it only took a minute that night
to say a few words to end in a fight.
It happened so sudden, it didn't last long
I walked through your door and it all went wrong.

Words were tossed,  
then I walked out the door
I tried to fight it, but it was hard to ignore.
My wounds were deep, my pain so clear
I have left behind but one single tear.

Every little thought was a painful need
only to leave this eternity to bleed.
Moments caught words forever
Faith to decide if we stay together.

The very first fight, sometimes love cannot mend.
So I just wanna know if this is the end.
So if you want us together just let me know
If you wanna be free, turn your back and go.

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