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Poem: I Can't Wait To See You Tonight

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I Can't Wait To See You Tonight
by Chris Smith
Wishing you were here on this lonely night,
So I could hold you gently and touch you right.
Hoping you'd come home to me very soon,
So we could cuddle underneath the romantic moon.

Waiting for your love to come to me,
For my love is to lonely to be.
Needing just to feel your softened touch,
Is the only thing that I need so much.

Longing to feel your pasionate lips,
That kiss me straight down to my fingertips.
Yearning to feel your body real close,
Touching my skin, like a silky rose.

Craving to see your heavenly eyes,
That gently quiet all of my solemn cries.
Lusting to smoothly caress your body tight,
I just can't wait to see you tonight.

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