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Poem: Destined to be Lonely

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Destined to be Lonely
by James R. LePage
It seems to me that trueness
  and honesty combined,
With chivalry & gentleness
  will bring about demise.

The more I act the gentleman,
  of favor should I gain;
Could end in just one purpose,
  to cause my heart great pain.

No matter the respect
  or manners that I show
The "yes" I so desired
  has become the dreaded "no".

Though it should be helpful
  to rely on friends, it's not.
They often CLAIM to help me
  while for themselves they plot.

The woman I wished to hold,
  her attention pulled away:
I try to grasp, yet cannot reach,
  her heart has gone astray.

At times I had been tempted
  to speak out in the past
But in the blink she looked my way
  it did not last.

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