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Poem: Soul Mates

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Soul Mates
by Jen LeBlanc
                  Sometimes I sit and think of life
              what it is, why we are, how it all should be.

                    Do I believe in soul mates?
                   Should I believe it's all true 
            that there's one special person in this world
                       right for me and you?
                    Can there be more than one?
                  Is it possible that there's none?
                      If I find my soul mate
                           will I know?
                Will it be right away or after long?
               What if I wait for my special person... 
                        and they don't come?

                  Sometimes I sit and think of life:
              what it is, why we are, how it all should be.
                         I think of you and I.
                         Are we right? wrong?
                         Should we wait or go?
                       Then I think more and say
                        you and I are meant to be
                  for now, for this life, for eternity...

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