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Poem: Jennie

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by John Kent
Sometimes in the quiet night,
when darkness falls, shadows play,
daily cares fade away,
my mind is free to go its way.

I lie upon my bed and fly,
chasing years to cherished days.
There she waits with radiant smile,
loving eyes and raven hair.

Jennie walks out of the night,
calling me as once she did.
The wind upon her shining hair.
laughter light as sunlit air.

Her hand in mine, so warm and fair,
a blush upon her cheek I'd see,
whenever I would brush her lips
and gaze into her bluest eyes.

There is a love that never fades,
the love that first enfolds your heart;
it carries you to unknown heights,
emotions new, puzzling you.

Two lives entwined by love's embrace,
through golden days of youth gone by.
Each moment's nectar of sweet bliss,
ours to drink at age thirteen.

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