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Poem: Our friendship

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Our friendship
by Stephanie Davis
I look at you, 
you never look back at me,
I reach for you, 
you pull yourself free.

I whisper, "I love you", 
but you no longer hear what I say.
I ask you not to leave, 
you tell me you just can't stay.

I kiss you, 
but you turn your cheek to mine,
I tell you my feelings run deep, 
you tell me yours are easy to define.

I understand your feelings 
are not as they used to be,
You no longer feel 
the same for me.

I tell you I want you back, 
your answer to that is, "never."
So, now I can only hope our friendship, 
unlike our love, can last forever.

I now embrace the friendship 
that we share, you and I,
Because I know it's time 
to bid our love... 'good-bye.'

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