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Poem: You are My...

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You are My...
by Kati Rhnea Bradley
You are my one true love.

You, the wave in my ocean.
You are the shelter from the storm.
You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.
You, my smile when I'm sad.

You're the sugar in my tea.
You're the marshmallows in my ceral.
You're the juice in my pickels
You're the glitter on my butterflies.
You're the only thing that matters.

Without sugar, my tea would be yucky.
If there were no marshmallows, ceral would be no good.
You know juice is the best part of a pickel.
And it's the glitter on my butterflies that make them pretty.
Without all that stuff it wouldn't be as good as it is with it.
And without you I wouldn't be as happy as I am with you.

You're my angel, and I love you

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