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Poem: Change Of Heart

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Change Of Heart
by Brandini Torian
You can't understand me
You don't know how I feel
When you stole my heart that day
It is still, yet to heal

I thought that I loved you
And that you felt the same
Why did you lead me on so much?
Was I merly a joke? Or perhaps a game.

When I look into you eyes
I feel as if I'm looking through,
Their sparkle and their color
Made me a believer out of you

I am only sixteen 
And you, thirty-six
Blinded by your charm 
Is something I can't fix

You'll never know the feeling,
The one you have possessed
The way I feel when I'm with you
My heart must be obsessed

So where are you now,
Are you thinking of me?
Have you forgotten,
The way things used to be?

I told you how I felt 
And you just walked away
You didn't call, you didn't write
What else is there to say?

Now you have a wife,
And that's OK with me
But if you love her so
Please, just set my heart free

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