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Poem: Is It a Dream

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Is It a Dream
I'm not the best there is; I don't know the words to say,
  To show you that I really care in each and every way.
Sometimes I think I'm dreaming, sometimes I think I'm dead,
  So afraid I will awake and find it's what I dread. 

I find it hard to comprehend, that you could love me so, 
  I just know I love the way you fill my heart and soul. 
It's more than just a fling for me; it's more than simple love,
  For me this is all there is, and I thank the lord above. 

If, by chance, this is a dream I never want to wake, 
  To lose you now would simply be too much for me to take.
If this is just a dream I dreamt then take me in my sleep,
  For this is just the type of dream that I would like to keep.

It's more than I can imagine, more than I can hope, 
  That this is real and you are mine, if only I can cope, 
With real love so true and strong, so vital to my heart, 
  I pray each day I won't awake; for fear that we will part. 

If this is truly not a dream and all is truly real.
  I hope I can love you more and all your needs fulfill. 
It's more than I deserve to have and more than I can dream,
  I wonder if it's in God's plan and in his holy scheme, 

That we are one forevermore; that I belong to you, 
  I only know the way I feel and know that this is true.
No matter what may happen from now to the end of life. 
  The only thing that matters most, is that you become my wife.


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