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Poem: Quincy?

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by Nikki Nikki Nikki
How do I feel about you?
I ask myself this all the time.
Do I love you still, 
Or am I loosing my mind?
Can I feel the way I use to
And make everthing all right?
Can we be together, 
during the days 
and the nights?
Can I trust your love 
with all my heart?
Will you love me 
and never depart?
Our son brings us near, 
a family I think
Is this the only way 
we could ever stay,
If it is, it stinks!
Deep in my heart 
I love you so much
Alas, it took a computer 
to tell you such.
Quincy, I do not know 
if you will read this poem
I pray it turns your way 
by the noon or morning.
Were always together, 
romatically I know
we need more than that 
just open the door.
            I love you still.
            I always will.

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