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Poem: The Pleasure Of Love

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The Pleasure Of Love
by Jesus Daniel Gaitan
Pair us up together,
Place us in the Pleasant room.
Provide me with Poetry in need,
Promise to never leave me.
Prefer to be in a Positive Position,
But Prepare to be Pressured in the Present.
Pace yourself before your Pulse raises-
Before I take my Paint from my Palette 
and Place it on the Pages.
Provide me with your Painless Pinch,
Pretending I'm in Paradise with your Perfumed kiss.
Persuade my hand to be on your Palm,
Before you place my Picture on the wall.
I'll Pamper you, if you Pardon me,
Because you Place the Pillow so Passionately,
Predict the future before I do;
Because we will be Partnered under the Pleasant moon.
Your Personality is as Pure as gold
Such as a Panda with nowhere to go.
Let's Play cards on the floor;
So I can see your face that is white as a Pearl,
And Pick out the feelings inside of you,
Before I Place it on Pages in front of you.

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