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Poem: One Person

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One Person
by Tina Guthrie
There is one person in the whole wide world
You will love your entire life;
One person to spend the special times with
One person to take away anger and strife.

One person with the softest touch
One person with the most tender kiss;
One person that is gone for a mere second 
That you already miss.

One person that you want to give the world to
One person that wipes away all of your tears;
One person that holds you close
And quiets all your fears.

One person that you think of all day long
One person that you dream of at night;
One person that whispers "I love you . . . "
And you soar like a kite.

One person that means everything
One person you love, with a love so pure and true;
One person that is perfect in every way - - -
I've found this special person in you.

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