- Poems By Alyssa Anne Vitry     -

FIRST LOVE(the realization I can't see)    The Pains of Love
For Just One.....    For That Special Someone
Friendship pictures    Love Between Friends
From Daddy's Little Princess    Fathers Day Poems
Giving In To The Pain, Still In Love    Love Past
Gleaming    Love Described
Handsome    Love Described
Heart, Shine No More    The Pains of Love
His Eyes    The Pains of Love
I Left My Raincoat Behind For The Walk Of Love    The Pains of Love
I Only Know Where I'm From    Future Love
I'd Stay For You    Entrapped by Love
If the words had sounded false...    Love and Betrayal
Immaculate Romance    Love Remembered
Just A Game    The Philosophy of Love
Just To Hold His Heart    Love Remembered
KEEP ME CLOSE AND HEAR ME    For That Special Someone
KEPT INSIDE    For That Special Someone
Kissed Under Stars    Love Fantasy
Last Minute Pep-Talk    The Power of Love
Le Beau Garçon    Love Fantasy
Left With Only Myself    The Pains of Love
Lost Love Poem Of Answers    For That Special Someone
Love Again?    For That Special Someone
Love Broke My Heart    Love Past

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