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completely broken
by Shawna

I was 17 and my husband was 19 when we got married. We had been married for a year. We had everything I thought I would ever need out of life. We wanted to get married after a year into our relationship and, yes, we were very eager.

We had many happy times and it made me feel like a better person to be around him. I looked forward to waking up in the morning just to see him. We were married for only a few months when things changed.

Well, abuse was the biggest problem. He would get mad and hit me and then one day he decided to take his anger out on our 1-month-old son. Now our son is in the hospital with brain damage. We tried to talk about our problems before all this happened and he promised not do it again but that promise was always broken. He said he loved me and our then unborn child and that we could make it through whatever problems we encountered.

I decided to divorce him after he almost killed our one-month-old son. He beat him so bad that even now, one month since this happened, my son is still in intensive care at Children’s Hospital with many injuries such as brain damage, possible blindness, broken bones and lost hormones.

The LovePoetry poem that works best for me is 10,000 Promises by Stephanie Joanne Burnette to provide a poem in simplest terms. I had to choose between my husband and my son... and I chose my son. It was an easy decision for me.

We haven't completely divorced yet- so in time we will see. Right now he is in jail for what he did and things are just a mess with family, friends and life in general. Though my life is absolutely horrible I have hopes of making it better after my son is out of the hospital and I can continue on.

If a man hits you- leave him before he can hurt someone else who you love... especially your child!

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