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Love is not wroth it
by lil'one

My relationship was crazy. At first I thought he loved me because of his slick words. He was my number 1, then he started to change. He started telling me who to talk to and what to do. I was so in love with him that I would do anything he told me to do. He always broke up with me to hear me cry.

Our relationship got as far as eight months because I kept taking all the pain he kept bringing me. I thought it was real love especially after we'd been together and experienced so much together.

At first I didn't do anything about the relationship and the controlling. One day, he started flirting seriously with my cousin. He was always flirting with someone and I had to end up about to fight them because of him. I knew he was no good for me, but at the same time he tells me he loves me and he wants me to have his child. One day, I told him I might be pregnant and he swore up and down that the child was not his and broke up with me. As it turned out, I wasn't pregnant. When he found out that I wasn't, he decided he wanted me back.

I got on the LovePoetry website and I read the poem Falling in Love With a Player by Lindsey Nicole Milke. I kept thinking to myself, "I don't need him," especially when I was about to commit sucide. I thought maybe he'd realize I wasn't just a toy to play with and throw away... I was someone who cared.

My life right now is steady. I'm not with anyone because I can do badly all by myself. Now he wants me back because he's the jealous type, he doesn't want me to be with anybody. At times I think he didn't even want me to be happy because of all the pain he caused me.

My advice for others is: Love is not worth it!!! It's not worth the pain and headaches from any guy and I hope you take notes from my story.

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