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Still Confused
by Unappreciated-Lover

At first, our relationship was a good one. When we first broke up and got back together, he began to take my love for granted. He only thinks of his own feelings and he doesn’t care how I take it.

I always forgave him for everything, even for the female that was always calling or texting his phone because I loved him enough not to let that come between us. If the shoe had been on the other foot, know that things would have been different. I was mad about that girl. Every time she called or texted, I would just give him a look of hatred and he knew I was angry.

I loved him enough to believe he would see things my way, but he didn't. The LovePoetry poem I can relate to is I wish by Miss Phoebe. He started to act right for a little while, but now he resides in jail.

I have shown him so much love and that's why he walks all over my feelings. I wish I didn't wear my heart on my sleeve all the time.

Don't express your true feelings unless you are very sure that they won't treat you badly, ‘cause they know that you aren't going anywhere. It hurts like hell when someone plays with your feelings!

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