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Wish we could be together...
by lonely-princess

My husband and I have had a relationship for more than four years now. Weíve been married for two years, come December. He is working in America and I am living in the Philippines.

I really want to be with my husband. We've have been married for two years, and during this time all Iíve done is wait for him to tell me when he is coming to Philippines. Itís really hard to be apart from him, but I love my husband so much and I donít want to give up my love so easily.

I have been able to cope with our separation by reading. I am looking for a job and I do things to divert my thoughts from missing my husband. The LovePoetry poem, Forever I'll Wait by ITSme had helped me.

The truth is, I donít know how we will be together again. My husband never tells me his plans. All I can do is to wait for him to be home here in the Philippines. He has no plan to apply for a spouse visa for me to be able to go to America and be with him. If itís going to take forever, then I will wait forever to be with him.

Donít let the distance destroy your relationship with your loved one. Everything has its purpose. Soon you will be with the one you really love and this time you donít have to be apart from each other. Pray and have faith in the Lord and you and your loved one will be together forever.

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