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My Heart Gone to Sea
by Mrs. Paul

The man I care about so deeply is my fiancé. His name is John and he's the most wonderful person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I plan to marry him once we get on our feet and are able to make the things we want happen, perhaps traveling a bit before we settle down to start a family of our own.

I've been in my relationship with him for near 2 years now and I knew him for 3 years before that. It feels like forever though. I suppose that's the way it is when you love someone with your heart and soul. They become a part of every aspect of your life, and are always in your mind and heart.

My navy man is currently in the United States Navy. He often goes underway for many months at a time and when he does, it's hard to know if I'm going to get a call. I get emails from him daily, and it is the only real means of communication I have with him.

John gets out of the Navy in 2007, so not too much longer to go. He's the world to me... and even if I had to wait 20 more years, I'd gladly do so. I usually cope with our separations by reading and writing. I came over a wonderful poem on LovePoetry.com that made me smile… Thinking Of You by Tessa Chan-A-Shing.

Even though he's thousands of miles away, I know his heart is always mine... and mine is his. Distance has its trials, but when the feelings are true, it doesn't matter as much as many people think. You just have to be strong and loyal, and trust one another with all your being. That's what counts.

We will be together again as soon as he comes home to my arms. As for how long that will be, I'm not sure, a few months, yet. That's just fine though, because in that time I can just prepare for his arrival.

I spend a lot of time with family and friends to keep my mind off of the pain of him not being here. A lot of times I write poems for him, and two of them are submitted on this site! Just look up the name Janeva and you'll find them both. I spend my free time doing creative things like painting and expressing my happiness and sadness.

When the distance is great, the heart proves just how much strain it's willing to take in order to be with the person that you are missing. Don't get caught up in the “what ifs.” You must always trust the person you're waiting for, because if you don't it will weaken the bonds of your love. When you miss them, write them, even if you don't think that they'll get the letter. Do something productive in your spare time. If you have children, explain to them why your loved one is gone. If you are alone, go out with some friends and have a good time. Don't let yourself become withdrawn, and smile because you know that they're thinking about you too. The distance is only an obstacle if you let it be, so don't! Above all, treasure every moment with the person. Each second counts because life is so, very short. Treat your other half like they are everything to you, like they are the most special treasure you've ever had the pleasure to encounter... because they should be. And when you get sad, think of them. Send them kisses on the wind. I know that I dream of my navy man and when he'll return home to my side. That always dispels the sadness. If you truly love them, it's worth the wait, no matter how long.

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