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by bubbles

I became unhappy when I went to Stewart Middle and people wanted to fight me all the time. Then when I went to high school there was nothing but drama. If I wasn't fighting with my boyfriend, I was fighting with my friends. Yeah, it was right before my grandparents died.

I had pretty much everything before I became unhappy. I had a lot of friends, my family got along, and I had my mom and my grandparents. I was the one who realized I was depressed. I got help from my counselor, my mom, and my friends.

The turning point was when I realized that I was hurting one of my best friends. The poem that helped was:I'd Take it Back by Natalia M Smith. It helped me because it made me realize that I'm loved and that my life isn't really that bad.

I'm getting along with my friends better and I'm not getting into fights as much. Yeah, I started thinking about my relationship with my friends and we talked and made it better.

I would tell them not to cut themselves. It's not worth it to hurt yourself over people and I'd tell them to stay out of the drama.

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