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wish i would have known
by tessi

I was married for just under a year when I saw the true colors of my new husband. He was 22 and I was 19 when we decided to get married. Everyone has this general idea of what marriage is... my idea is changed for ever now. I was not really eager to get married, it was him that was so eager. He was willing to get married the day after he proposed.

At first, he pretended he cared and that he loved me and would never do anything to hurt me. At one point in time, there was happiness. That was before I knew he drank and before I knew his true colors. When we were first engaged, it was like I was on cloud nine.

The troubles began before we were even married. I just didn't have the courage to call off the wedding. The trouble was basically that he was abusive in every way. I actually pretended like everything was fine and that we had no problems. He never even realized he did the things he did... or so he would tell me.

I decided to divorce him after he gave me a black eye. The one poem I have found that I really like, and that kind of sums my feelings up is Goodbye by Val Harris. After you read that poem, you will begin to understand a little more.

Divorcing was the hardest thing I have ever decided to do. He responded horribly. He refused any part of itl, wanted nothing to do with it. Everything was fine according to him.

Now my life is so much better. I have met a new guy who I am falling in love with more every day. I honestly never thought that would ever be possible. He makes me feel like I have never felt before. He makes me smile and adores me. I can now tell when a guy is pretending to be someone he is not and my new guy has actually made me realize that life does go on.

Just be careful. Don't wait as long as I did to get out of an abusive relationship- leave as quickly as possible. I got lucky... a lot of women don't come out alive.

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