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Hangin' On
by Mrs. Marines

This is my last year in high school and I found my love during his senior year. We are still together at this very moment and don't plan on separating, ever! We have been together a full year and we still are learning so much about each other every day.

The reason that we aren't together now is because he joined the Marines. He is in California at this very moment and will be shipping off to Iraq in the next couple of months. We are more than likely going to be married whenever he comes back home.

We've written each other letters. He's called and when he can have leave time, he's home. The letters are what help both of us the most. You never really know how much they mean to you until you don't hear anything from them for a while! The two LovePoetry poems that spoke to me and describe what I am feeling right now are Missing You by Destiny Marie Szymczak and A Dream that Came True by Jason Swain. They both sum up how my love and I are feeling, being so far away from each other.

We will be together again, but exactly when will that be neither one of us knows. We just know that we will be together. He goes out with his friends and I go out with my friends. Our friends know that we are both taking the separation hard, but we will endure it.

The only advice I have is not to give up, even if it looks like there is no hope and that you’ll forget each other! You would be surprised how absence really does makes the heart grow fonder!

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