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The Tiniest Angel
by cassidy~jo

The loved one I lost was my own child. I was 7 weeks along in my pregnancy when I had to let him go.

I had to have an abortion. It broke my heart to do it, but it was for the best. His father was abusive and I didn't want to bring a child into the world, into that situation and that kind of life.

I regret it more every day, but I know deep down, it was right. I want my baby above to know that I loved him so much and will always remember him. I will never forget the few weeks he was with me.

I was very alone afterwards because many people look down on women who have had abortions, even if they don't know about the situation. I buried my ultrasound pictures and pregnancy test with a grave marker with the name I picked out. I visit it often.

A LovePoetry poem called In The Arms of An Angel by April Renee Coon helped me to realize that we're both in better situations and better places now.

It's been a year and it's still saddening to me if I see a small baby or a pregnant woman. Iím only comforted by knowing that I'm away from the man who hurt me and would have hurt him.

Think about what is best for you and your child before a bad situation goes too far.

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