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He hurt me so bad
by lilmomma

Well the relationship was an off-and-on relationship. It was like he wanted to be with me on his time and not on my time. It was like he could do things and I couldn't. When he got his car, I started seeing less of him, so I just figured that he was out with another female. The reason why it got so far was because every time we would stop talking, I would go back to him and then it would lead forward from there. What can I say? We were both sprung.

I really didn't do anything to try and stop the cycle 'cuz I wanted to be with him so badly. I was in love with him. The reason I finally did end it was because I was tired of being played and being the dummy. As I was on LovePoetry one day, reading poems, I saw one that I really liked the most. It was Chris: so you think you're a playa
by luv always.

Since then, I have figured this out and we have not been speaking much... just "Hi" and "Bye"... that's about all. My life is okay now. It's just that when I see him, I think about the old days and how we used to be.

My advice for others is to never fall in love with someone to quickly, unless you know you're going to be with him.

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