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Missing You
by ~sunshine~

My grandmother took care of me while I was growing up. She was the one who was always there. I knew her my whole life. We were very close. I told her everything. She was my best friend.

My grandmother died from diabetes, kidney failure, etc. I never got to tell her how much I appreciated her and all she did for me. I never got to tell her anything. I didnít get to see her before she died. The last time I saw her was 6 months before, at my sisterís birthday party. She was very sick and in the infirmary and my mom did not want me to see her like that. She wanted me to remember the old her, not how she was now.

I talked to her on the phone about 3 months before, but that was it. I only talked to her for about 10 minutes because she was very sick. I got to say, ďI love you,Ē and ďGood-bye,Ē but I didnít know that it was going to be the last good bye.

My friends and family helped me try to keep my mind off of her death by going out and doing other things. When I was ready to talk about it, they were there for me. There was a LovePoetry poem that helped me a lot. It is Visiting You by Teresa Lynn Sherry.

Itís been 3 years now, and Iím doing okay. Every now and then, I will stop and think about how life would be if she was here with me today. I think about her a lot, but I know that she is watching down on me and still taking care of me.

Love what you have while you have it, because it can be taken away from you at any point. Donít ever waste a moment; cherish all you have. Always remember that there is never a last good-bye.

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