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Moving on
by Lost lover

I became unhappy when my boyfriend broke up with me after we had been dating for 1 year. I found out a day later that he had been cheating on me for 6 months so I ran away and tried to kill myself.

Things were better when I went to North Carolina. I went to visit family and I ended up staying there for 6 months and I found someone who wanted to be with me. Unlike the sad times, I wasn't thinking about negative things during these times.

I realized I was depressed after I tried to kill myself. During my depression, I had my best friends Jenna and Matt to confide in. The turning point came after my best friends told me about the LovePoetry.com website and I read poems and it helped me move on. I really liked the poem called I love you & goodbye by Shawna Sterlein. It helped me a lot.

My life has changed since my depression. I started going out with my boyfriend, Timmy more. We even live together now. He's helped me through a lot of hard times since we've been together and we are getting married on June 3, 2006. In order to improve my happiness I started taking an antidepressant.

To others who are depressed I want to say that you are all you need to make yourself happy.

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