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Unconditional Love is what I have for you
by xChinnita209x

The love that we have is incomparable and irreplaceable, for we share a lot of memories that no one can ever understand. The rough times that we’ve gone through together are unforgettable and will always remain in our hearts. We have had a relationship for over a year and nine months.

He left because needed to learn who he really is and most of all, he needed to grow up for us. But things haven’t turned out as they were supposed to.

The special bond and love that we have will always remain in hearts and souls, even if God doesn’t agree that we should be together as couple anymore.

The LovePoetry poems, As I Sit by Charlotte Ann White and SHALL I by Stephen John Keating made me realize how special our love was and I’ve stopped hating him.

The only thing I hope and pray for every day is that we’ll be together again. Hopefully by that time, everything will be different in a good way, for the sake of our marriage.

For now, I will do the same thing he’s doing… try to make things better for me and for us.

Treasure the person around you. Love them tenderly and also respect them.

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