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What Should I Do?
by 2cute2BU

The relationship started off very good but things started to change after while. Every relationship has ups and downs, why stay if you're not happy? After a while, things start going back to being good but for us, every good is followed by bad. I feel like it's just me who is givivg love, but every time I try to leave, I just can't walk away.

I forgive him with everything he does, but I don't forget anything because the pain never goes away, and when it does, he always does something to hurt me again. Sometimes I lash out and act crazy, try to fight him but that doesn't do anything. Most of the time I become hurt and try to leave. When I do leave, I always come back because I miss him so much and I feel like he is my better half. I still feel like I'm making the same mistakes over and over again.

I always come to LovePoetry.com and seek some type of poem to help me out. The latest one I read was UNTITLED by NICOLE R WOODWARD.

When you're in a relationship, if that person is not your husband or wife don't give that person all of you. Just give them enough of you. If you're not happy, don't try to stay and make it work because your only hurting yourself. If a person is steady misusing you and treating you badly, then don't stay. Just be by yourself and love yourself before you try to love the next person.

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