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by Cold_Tears

When I was 14, I was raped by my momís boyfriend. Ever since that happened Iíve never been the same. I tried telling my momÖ but she never believed me. I cry all the time, I even cut myself at times. I just wanna die, because I can't change what happened to me and I can't make it go away.

When I lived in Edmonton I always hung out with my friends and my boyfriend and I was really happy. I always smiled, even when I was sad. When I was happy I hung out with friends and my boyfriend. When Iím sad I just want to be left alone so I can cryÖ

At first my dad pointed out that I was depressed and I didn't believe it. But, as I got worse I finally realized I was depressed... During the time I was depressed my boyfriend talked to me and helped me.

LovePoetry poems helped me understand a lot of my problems. Two of the poems were Why? by Christy E. Cook and Thank you by Carrie Anne Crupe. Well, after I had the courage to tell my boyfriend about my mom's boyfriend raping me my boyfriend convinced me to tell my dad. . After I finally was able to do that I felt a lot better. I still get depressed every once in a while but not as bad.

I now try to look at the brighter things in life instead of the sad things. Don't let one bad thing ruin your life. Stand up for yourself!

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