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Long-Distance Love
by TonysGirl

I am engaged to my man. We have had a relationship for about two months, now. We have a distant relationship because I am in school in Florida and he works in Wisconsin, so he canít leave. I hope we will be together forever. If I have it my way, we will!

The LovePoetry poem Every-Second Of Every-Hour And Everyday by Amy Lynne Slater has helped me to cope because I think about him every second of every hour of every day and I always will!

I will be out of school on May 25. Then we will be together again and we are getting married on October 21. As long as we are separated by distance, we plan to just keep talking on the phone every day and e-mailing each other every chance we can get until we are together again.

I say to every woman out there: If you are ever away from your man, just remember that he will always love you, no matter what. Always keep your head up and stay strong and you guys will be together again someday!

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