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Only a Simple Smile
by lovingbutterfly

At first he was just a new classmate, a complete stranger... but then he became so close to me and we became good friends. It all started with just a simple smile and hello... but I just found myself always with him... talking and sharing stories with him all throughout the day...

I found myself starting to like him... but then I was afraid I might get hurt just as my past experiences... so I try to stop it by ignoring him, but then... instead of getting away from him i found him getting nearer to me and we're so close again...

I found the LovePoetry poem, I love you by Alexander Pushkin. It was so sad...

We're now getting to know each other better and hoping we'll be together. My life is happier now... now that I found him.

Never lose your faith in loving... never be afraid to love and open your heart to those who knock...

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