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Distance at a risk
by Punken

My girlfriend and I are distant from one another right now because of family situations. We have been together in our relationship for 3 years and I'm hoping our separation will only last for a hot minute.

I think of all the others that are in this situation or have been through the same thing and know that I am not really alone. I read the submitted poetry on LovePoetry.com all the time. When poetry comes from the heart, it touches someone else's. My favorite is Missing You by Destiny Marie Szymczak.

We will definitely be together soon. You can only tempt the hands of fate for just so long. It's only gonna' be about 2 more months and we will be able to be together. I'm hoping to spend as much time with my honey as possible, holding her in my arms and letting her know that nothing will drag us apart again.

Don't ever let anyone tell you who to love and when to love. Not just love, but true love is free... it comes from the heart. Follow your own heart and never let anyone stand in your way.

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