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You're Close to My Heart, Yet So Far From Me
by Me

My boyfriend and I have had a relationship together for 6 months. When we got together, he was living here in Texas but he moved back to Washington because he was going through some things down here. I hope we won't be apart for much longer because I have plans of moving over there sometime in October, but I haven't made my mind up.

I've been really sad lately because I know he is not close to me anymore and it's gonna' take a lot to go see him. LovePoetry has helped me because I have read poems about people going through the same thing as me and I know I am not alone. The poem Dreaming about us by Phillip Birks is my favorite because the poet described how I felt about my boyfriend and how he is not only my boyfriend, but my best friend as well.

I really do think that we will be together again! I am hoping and praying that we will be together for the rest of our lives. I am talking to people about my feelings about him to help me cope with him being away, and I talk to him every day and I express how I really feel about him everytime I talk to him and he tells me the same things!

I advise those who are in love that no matter how far your love goes, as long as it's true, he/she will always love you back!

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