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still waiting for him
by marj

I have been with my fiance, Sam for almost 5 months. Right now, we are separated because he is in the Army and he had to go into Korea because he is stationed there.

He still calls me 3 times a day and he knows that my day isn't complete without his call or even his email. That's why he's trying his best to communicate with me, just to show how much he truly loves and cares for me.

I'm still longing to be with him, but I know that I need to move on and wait for the day that we will be together again. When I read the poem You Are My Dream Come True by Cheryl Ann and also My Everything by Todd A Manley, they made me realize how much I love him with with all my heart. He's really my everything and I can't wait to be with him again. Recently, he proposed to me. He told me that when he gets back, he will give me a wedding ring and we will get married. I'm feeling like it is the most wonderful gift I have ever had! He'll never really know how happy he has made me!

He told me he will coming back here in a month and two weeks. I want to believe him but I don't want to expect too much. I'm afraid to get my hopes up and then find out that he's going to be gone longer. I'm still praying he will not break his promises to me.

While he's gone, I'm making myself so busy. While waiting for his return, I'm trying to help with my auntie's computer shop and I'm still communicating with him with our emails.

To all the people who are in love with someone far away: be patient and wait for the right time, but don't expect too much because it really hurts when promises get broken. It's not wrong to hope, but don't expect too much. Fight for the one you love if you truly love them.

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