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my heart doesn't understand
by faithangel

We were like the sky and the stars that don't become apart from one another, like the sand and the sea that no mater how high the tides were some day calmed down makin' the sun and the sky shine once again and like humans without air that without it there is no more... but then in a second all of our past came to an end...

My heart, without thinking it over, came to a decision that: no matter what happens it will only want to be with you; no matter how many times you break my heart or drop it and step on it I will fix it and put it again in your hands...

I know that without you- my life isn't worth living. You are my breath of life and without you I will die. My eyes are dry every time I think of you. A tear of love comes down my face and in a second evaporates and without a trace leaves to the deep of the sea...

I read the poem: The End by Little Angel

I until this day dream of you and my heart beats every time I think of the day I might be with you again....

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