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life is unfair
by lonley lover

The person I have a relationship with is great. I love him with everything I have. Sometimes though, I think things are just too much for us anymore. I've had a relationship since I was like, 8 years old, but the relationship I'm currently in has been going on for a year off-and-on. He treats me badly and we barely ever talk. Sometimes I think he wants to be with his friends way more than he wants to be with me.

I wanna' be with him forever, but that's only if he will change. If not, I will give us a few more months. I love him with everything I have. He says he loves me with everything he has too, but sometimes I just don't see that.

I've coped with things by crying a lot. LovePoetry helped me a lot with the different situations in my life. One poem in particular helps me cope with the problems I have in my relationship now. It is Why are you doing this? by Natalie Emma Whitemore.

I think we'll be together again. We said we'd get married and everything. I think that when we get older and realize more, we'll be together forever. I love him so much! I'm not planning for any separation because every time I think about us parting, I cry. I love him too much to break up with him.

If a guy treats you badly, don't get wrapped up in him or you'll be just like me: sad all of the time, crying all of the time, wondering where he's at and if he's gonna call you all the time. Don't let him treat you like you don't matter because you're more special than he ever will be, and if you don't respect yourself, then he won't respect you either.

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