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I will always love you Steven
by Steven's Babygirl

I'd known Steve for three years now. We had a wonderful relationship. We loved each other very much. He was everything I ever wanted. I thought it was going to last forever because we never had really big fights, just little things couples come across such as looking at another person or talking about them- just to make the other person jealous, in a fun sort of way.

I was wrong for thinking we would never break up. We did. It was sometime in December of 2003. My family was what broke us up. No one approved of him, and no one thought he was the one for me. Eventually they were able to come between us. I tried so hard to keep what we had alive but, somehow, it faded away.

Even though I loved Steven very much, I wasn't able to stay with him because of other people. My parents, as well as his mom, didn't think he and I stood a chance, so they decided to do whatever they could to brake us up. What they didn't know was that the break up was going to hurt both of us more than they could imagine.

One day I was surfing the web and I came across LovePoetry.com. There were a lot of poems on there I liked but one poem stood out. It was This Smile I Wear
by Melinda Merry Burnett. It reminded me of what I was going through. I made everyone believe I was happy despite what happened with me and Steven and the only time I let my real side show was at night in my room where I spent hours crying.

Crying wasn't enough. I realized that wouldn't bring him back so I decided it was time to take control of this and do something. I wrote him a letter, telling him that I still love him and that I need him back. We got back together a few days after that. He loved me, too, so the relationship lasted-for a while. It was hard for us to be together and go against everyone so we decided we should see other people and get back together eventually.

Since then, Steven and I have been on and off. It's not like it used to be in the beginning but I still love him and I know that that he loves me, too. We aren't together right now and I heard he has someone else but I know that we're meant to be and soon we will get back together.

My advice to others... never give up on love. Sometimes it might feel like it's really over but it isn't- if you have faith and believe in love. If you know you've found the one, hold on, and never let go.

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