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An Untold Love
by Hoplessly Devoted

As the outsider in my local church, not very many people talked to me. When my past was revealed to the congregation, I was isolated as if I were less of a person because of my past. However, there was one person who was always very nice to me... Michael. He would come and talk to me when no one else would. As the son of an assistant pastor, he thought it was his job to make me feel welcomed. Eventually, the job turned into a pleasure. We got very close and after many days and nights of praying, he and I decided that we would try a real relationship. On March 20, we became an official couple. I don't think that I've ever been so happy before!

We have been together for about a year and three months now. I know that compared to a lot of relationships, that isn't very long, but in our experience we have found that 1 day can seem like 6 months under the right circumstances.

Being that Michael was a pastor's son, our relationship had to be kept a secret. If his parents found out, they would never let us see each other again. Well, on our mission trip to Colorado, our youth pastor and his wife soon found out that we were together and they, in turn, told his parents. His parents refused to let us see, speak, or even look at each other ever again. At this point, Michael was 16 and I was 15. Of course, his parents cannot keep us apart forever. Once he turns 18, he is free to do as he wishes. So it's possible and if it is the Lord's will, Michael and I will be happily together again in a little less than a year.

Dealing with this has been hard. There are good times and there are bad times. In the beginning, everyone told me to go to the Lord and let him help me with everything, but that is much easier said than done. It has been almost a year since the separation and it is still hard for me to think about how happy we used to be. Today, when I read What Would You Do? by Laura Ann Fournier, it helped me realize that I am not the only one who has to keep thier love a secret. At least I know for a fact that Michael feels the same way about me.

I believe with all of my heart that the Lord wants Michael and I to be together. Therefore, it will happen. Maybe we will have to wait a year, maybe we will have to wait longer, but that is the beauty of love. No matter what you go through, you will still love each other in the end. That is true love, and that is Michael and myself.

We are doing all we can right now to try and make this an easier thing to do. As a result of the seperation, I decided to move back home to Louisiana. Now, Michael and I can e-mail each other on a secure line and his parents will not know we are communicating. As wrong as it is for us to lie to his parents, both of us fell into a deep depression when we were seperated and this slight communication is, in a sense, vital to our emotional well-being.

All I have to say to people in a situation like mine is that you have to go to the Lord. If you are not a Christian, then I understand how hard that can be, but maybe this situation was put before you to help you to see the truth. Always remember that the Lord will not give us a task that he will not equip us to do. If you have a secret love somewhere out there and you know that the love is real... wait. Wait until the Lord shows you it's time for the two of you to be together. The Lord's timing is perfect and only in his time will things happen. God bless you and be with you all!

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